Here at Roxodus, we talk about music, a lot.  The other day, a couple of us were talking about live albums and bootlegs.   For example, I have a bootleg version of the first The Who concert I went to in Toronto in the 80’s. Back in the day, finding a bootleg of a show you were at was like Christmas.  There have been some really amazing live albums over the years, but Aerosmith’s Live Bootleg stands out  and stands the test of time. Recorded over multiple dates, in the 70s, this caught the band as they were at full stride.  Joe Perry wanted their live album to sound like a bootleg, not like a polished live album. No overdubs, no months of remixing. Just Aerosmith live. Blistering versions of hits like “Back In the Saddle,” “Sweet Emotion” and “Mama Kin.”

Taking the bootleg release to new lengths, some songs were recorded during playback and used on the album.  You can hear firecrackers going off on other songs. Even the cover art reflected the bootleg cover art of the day.

If you haven’t listened to Live Bootleg, or haven’t in a while, get on it.  It captures an amazing band at an amazing time. What’s your favourite live album?

Aerosmith will be performing and Roxodus Music Festival which runs from July 11-14.  If you have your tickets, we’ll see you out there. If you don’t have your tickets, get them here and soon as Tier 2 pricing ends soon.

Cheers, Roxodus