As you can imagine, we at Roxodus have seen our share of concerts. We’ve worked in the music industry for years and have been to hundreds of concerts.  We’ve been up front, in the back, side stage and everywhere in between. We’ve been in VIP too.

That’s not a humblebrag, that’s to tell you when it comes to VIP passes we’ve thought about our experiences and used that to create the Roxodus VIP package.  Bottom line – we know what’s expected because that’s what we’d expect.

Have you ever been to a show and thought – “man, if only I had VIP passes, I’d have the best view in the house?”  Well, at Roxodus, we’ve thought of that and then some.

Our VIP tent is not one but, TWO stories. It’s not a section of grass – it’s a full on experience. Premium food and drinks are available.  You’ll have the best seats, private washrooms, dedicated VIP entrance and be so close to the action, you’ll remember it as the best concert experience you’ve ever had.

If you can see yourself on the upper deck, basking in the summer sun and taking in the most legendary rock festival of the summer – then you need to get your passes.

There are a limited number of VIP passes available, so get them soon!

Trust us – you don’t want to miss out.